My own remake of Arkanoid, powered by Pico-8. Made from myself through Lazy Devs Academy's Pico-8 Hero tutorial via YouTube.


Bounce n' Blast your way through 12 unique levels, armed only with a flaming ball that hungers for total brick destruction! Equip yourself with 8 different powerups from special bricks, but be careful which one to equip, one may slow you down. 

Your mission: conquer all 12 levels, reach crazy combos, and obtain the highest score! But keep your ball from falling into the abyss. Lose all your lives, ITS GAME OVER! 

Once you have lost, you have the option to continue forward without your score or restart again to win back your score. For the best results, reach to the very end without losing all your lives.


  • Use left and right arrow keys to move your paddle.
  • Use up and down arrow keys to toggle difficultly modes.
  • Use C (or Z/B) keys to launch your ball off your paddle.
  • Use X (or V/N) keys to confirm or deconfirm.


  • Orange = Slowdown - Temporarily slows down your ball and helps catch your breath (helpful in fast mode!)
  • Green = Sticky Paddle - Once equipped, your paddle will emit a gooey substance that'll catch a single ball to be launched again.
  • Blue = Expand - Increases paddle size reaching maximum length to cover more area.
  • Black = Reduction - Decreases paddle size to a minimum temporarily, but will multiply your score by 10x. A risky item.
  • White = 1-UP - This lucky powerup will grant you another life by 1, make it count.
  • Red = Mega-Ball - Your ball will boil raging hot, slicing through bricks, even harden bricks, without bouncing back.
  • Gold = Multi-Ball - This strange powerup splits your ball into 2 balls, and can continue splitting if equipped again. You will lose a life if your last ball falls.
  •  Grey = Disable - This cursed "powerdown" will stop your paddle in its tracks for a couple of seconds. Best to avoid it as much as you can. 


Special thanks to Krystian Majewski (Lazy Devs Academy) for teaching me how to program in Pico-8 and Gruber Music via YouTube for his tasty tunes!

For the best resolution, play on Safari or Chrome :)

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AuthorAlex Young
Made withPICO-8
Tags8-Bit, Breakout, Fast-Paced, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro, Singleplayer


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Fun game to play and a nice site!

Thank you! It means a lot <3